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Monday, August 3, 2009

Checking in and off to camp

Gosh. Time just flies by doesn't it? I'm amazed at how fast the past few weeks have gone by. I have two new regular part-time freelance projects that are taking a lot of my time, plus a new position as Project Manager with Lachesis Publishing and I'm trying to get things organized for edits and things for the books we have.

I was just thinking of the milestones I've (we've) reached:

1) It's August! One month until school starts. Have you guys done your back-to-school shopping. For those of you who homeschool when does your "teaching" season start? Do you have any pre-school-season rituals.

2) My baby is almost 1! He will turn 1 on the 20th! It certainly doesn't feel like a year. He's almost walking he will push a chair or walker along and walk after it. He loves books and definitely knows when mommy's about to feed him. The cutest thing is that when I am feeding him, the more he likes the taste the bigger the "mmmm".

3) We shipped my other baby--who is now 13--off to Air Cadet camp for two weeks. This will be a big adjustment for him and I was rather worried about how he would handle things. But, as we were waiting for the kids to board the bus, a boy came up to us and started talking to Chris--who wasn't very responsive since we'd woken up at 5 that morning (he usually sleeps until 10 or 11). The boy's parents came over and told us that Derek (their son) and Chris talked a lot normally at the squadron. What I liked is that he didn't seem put out that Chris wasn't really talking back, which is what Chris really needs. I'm glad he has a friend.

I'm praying that this will be a fun time for him as well as a learning experience. We did manage to get him to take a shower before he goes to bed every night. He now does that if only I could get him to wear deodorant and brush his teeth. I'm hoping that camp will help with these other things.

4)I will be moving into more leadership roles in the church. I will be taking on a newsletter for the church and taking minutes for their meetings, as well as planning a MOPS program.

What's on your agendas for the fall? What milestones have you reached this summer?

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