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"The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." Zephaniah 7:13 NIV

Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Make Him Wait

God's Attentiveness

The eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to show Himself strong for thsoe whose hearts are completely His. (2 Chronicles 16:9 HCSB)

God is not distant, and He is not disinterested. On the contrary, your heavenly Father is attentive to your needs. In fact, God knows precisely what you need and when you need it. But He still wants to hear it from you. he wants to talk with you, and if you're wise, you'll want to talk to Him too.

Do you have questions you can't answer? Ask for guidance from your Creator. Do you sincerely seek the gifts of everlasting love and eternal life? Accept God's gift of grace. whatever your need, Mom, no matter how great or small, pray about it. Instead of waiting for mealtimes or bedtimes, pray always, and never lose heart. Remember: God is here, and He's ready to talk with you now. So please don't make Hi wait another moment.

Our future may look fearfully intimidating, yet we can look up to the Engineer of the Universe, confident that nothing escapes His attention or slips out of the control of those strong hands. (Elisabeth Elliot)

What an amazing "hugs" message, today! I have learned that I need to do this with every project, every hour, every minute of my day. Trust it to the Lord. Ask him what I should do next and listen to that still small voice that says "Do this." Of course - as it is with our children - it's one thing to ask for help. It's another thing to listen to the help that is provided!

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