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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Soccer Season Begins

Woohoo! Soccer season is here...rain or shine. Unfortunately this year it will be in the rain.

Today, along with the Dandelion Festival and Grand Opening of Kemptville's new library (which we will definitely be seeing later), my toddler starts his first of what I hope will be many soccer seasons. Not that they'll get much "real" soccer played. I kind of picture a swarm of children chasing a ball not really caring which goal they're headed towards. No throw ins or official goalie keeping...just a bunch of fun! Unfortunately, all this will happen before I'm really awake.

(On top of toilet training, I would really like to train my toddler to a) not wake me up before 6AM on a Saturday, and b) to not dig into the fridge or invade my desk while I'm trying to coax myself awake. Why can't he just play with his Buzz Lightyear or Lego or cars or something. *sigh*)

Anyway, I digress. Back to soccer...

My soccer season (women's house league) starts on Monday, apparently without the rain, but the fields will be good and soggy. Yay...soggy socks and cleats. :-( But I'm glad to say I have my prescription sunglasses. I had a pair for two years and then lost them. (Grrr.) And really can't play with the current glasses I wear, so they were a must get. Wish I could find my goalie jersey though. Found my cleats (yay...only because of my decision to pack summer shoes in a grocery bag instead of a box that I knew would get lost), and have a new pair of goalie gloves and knee pads.

I'm ready!

What summer activities do you or your kids participate in?

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